Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update to the "Pros and Cons of a Daily Spinach Diet"

After three years of daily spinach dinners (~1,075 meals in a row), I decided to conduct tests on my oxalate levels in a quasi quantifiable fashion. I am now waiting the results back from Quest Diagnostics for my fifth urine test and then I will post the results here on the Met Club Blog.

So are oxalates really something that we spinach fans should actually worry about? 

Spinach is such an easy to prepare and great tasting meal, it would be awful to learn that it is a health hazard.  Compared to lettuce, it has more texture crunch and a sort of sweet/sour flavor. But what about the risk of kidney stones as voiced by some leading dietary experts?

I decided to find out.  Although I credit spinach for curing my Type II Diabetes, I surely didn't want kidney stones.  So I have, with the gracious assistance of Dr. Lou and her assistant John at the Emeline Clinic in Santa Cruz, CA,  been serving as a guinea pig in my own experiments to learn more about the dietary contribution to oxalate levels.

The results are in and posted here

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