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Monday, November 12, 2012

Exercise Stick Beach Party!

It's still Indian summer here in our home base in SeaCliff Beach  
...So we decided to throw an Exercise Stick Beach Party!

The Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick is not only a great way to burn fat fast, but it's fun for the entire family. The whole exercise routine is very simple and simply feels good as soon as you start. But try it for every day for a week,  I predict that you will have a noticeably tighter abdomen.  Keep it up and the fat will burn away—especially if you try the New-Humans Fitness Program Diet that is based upon delicious fruit, nuts, cereal and a wonderful spinach/tomato/avocado salad.

Note:  I have noticed that many first time exercise stick users tend to lunge strenuously from left to right. This is OK, but I prefer short quick movements with my head looking directly forward as demonstrated in this video.

I think this fast-paced method is more effective at burning fat than the lunging method.

Theory Why Our Stick Exercises Burn Fat Fast! 

My hypothesis is that since the abdominal muscles are composed of a mixture of slow and fast twitch fibers that:
  1. the fast twitch fibers accelerate the twist and then rest between accelerations. and
  2. the slow twitch fibers decelerate the twist allowing the fast fibers to rest, burn off lactic acid, and recover.  
The result is that you can do a longer, higher repetition exercise without experiencing muscle burn and heavy breathing.  In turn, I believe that our fast-paced stick exercises offer the fat burning benefits of both prolonged aerobic respiration combined with the calorie gobbling action of the anaerobic, fast twitch muscles. 

Get on the stick and try it!

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