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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exercise Stick Body Sculpting Tips

Stick Exercises Burn Fat Fast!

Note: Since this article was posted, we have introduced a new generation of Spirit/Body Sculpting Sticks Some of the photos below feature earlier stick models.

Stick twist exercises are a key foundation of the New-Humans Fitness Program.  They are very easy to do and I have personally lost eighty pounds using my Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick.  One of the advantages of stick twists is that they employ a combination of both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers (link). Since stick twists involve strenuous exertion of the abdominal muscles, it makes sense that the fat deposited in the stomach region would be the first target.  Keep it up and it will stay off for good!  My daily routine is described below.

[Note that the exercises described here focus on burning abdominal fat using stick twists. We are firm believers in combining cardiovascular with strength building workouts. To accomplish this, we have added a resistance band feature to our New-Humans Exercise Stick which allows a whole new universe of strength building routines. These will be posted as we test them.]

Theory Why Our Stick Exercises Burn Fat Fast! 

My hypothesis is that since the abdominal muscles are composed of a mixture of slow and fast twitch fibers that:

  1. the fast twitch fibers accelerate the twist and then rest between accelerations. and
  2. the slow twitch fibers decelerate the twist allowing the fast fibers to rest, burn off lactic acid, and recover.  
The result is that you can do a longer, higher repetition exercise without experiencing muscle burn and heavy breathing.  In turn, I believe that our fast-paced stick exercises offer the fat burning benefits of both prolonged aerobic respiration combined with the calorie gobbling action of the anaerobic, fast twitch muscles. 

Here I will describe a few simple methods of increasing the fat-burning, body-sculpting power of the basic stick twist workout.  These methods apply to both seated and standing positions, however I encourage you to experiment and develop your own program. You are welcome to post your questions and ideas in the comments section.

One:  Face forward and keep you head fixed, looking straight ahead.  As you twist, let your arms and shoulders rotate around your head.  This exerts your upper body muscles as they apply counter acting force to accelerate, slow, then reverse your upper body momentum on each cycle.

Two:  Pull the stick firmly down past the back of your neck onto your shoulder blades.  This elevates your sternum and tightens your abs.  Make sure that you use padding on the stick, otherwise it will painfully bight into your neck and shoulders (Spirit/Body Sticks come with a soft terry cloth cushion that allows you to put firm tension on the stick.  You will notice how great it feels when you have it positioned correctly.

Three:  Tense your abs and allow them to pull you slightly forward.  This adds more resistance.  Your weight should be centered on the ball of your feet, not the heels.  Lean forward and be aggressive!  

Four:  Point your toes inward and shift your weight to the ball of your feet.  Your heels should alternately touch down lightly when doing standing verticals producing a rocking, rhythmic dance step—like tip toe walking in place.  This is most pronounced when performing standing and seated vertical twists, but also to a lesser degree with seated, horizontal twists. [Note, I personally don't do standing horizontal stick twists because they strain my lumbar region.  Nothing about stick twist exercises should be painful or even discomforting.  If you experience pain or discomfort, discontinue the program.]

Five:  Keep up a pace of about one complete cycle in a little less than a second.  The rapid rate targets the fast twitch fibers in your abs.  Since these are less efficient then slow twitch, they burn more calories and fat.  

Stick exercises form an excellent foundation to alternate with weight lifting.  I alternate sets of standing and seated stick twists with abdominal crunches and leg lifts.  I rotate the ab-work package with body sculpting workouts using a home gym Olympic bar bench press, barbells and a leg machine that focus alternately on my upper body, arms and legs.

New-Humans Fitness Program Daily Workout Regimen

A.  Stick Twists--Abs

50 standing vertical cycles
100 seated cycles
50 standing cycles
50 sit ups, crunches and leg lifts

B.  Weight Training (alternating daily routines for chest/abs, arms/abs and legs/abs)
60 reps

C.  Stick Twists--Abs
50 standing vertical cycles
100 seated cycles
50 standing cycles
50 sit ups, crunches and leg lifts

Each superset (A through C)  is repeated three times over a period of approximately 90 minutes with no rest longer than it takes to change equipment or positions.  I also question the practice of rest intervals between workouts, instead I do the above routine, followed by Yoga--plus a 60 minute brisk run/walk seven days a week with fabulous results.  The portable feature of our Spirit/Body Sculpting Stick allows daily workouts anywhere.

Diet is an important component of  the New-Humans Fitness Program.  Just as stick twists are the foundation of my workouts, spinach is the foundation of the New-Humans Diet.  (link)

This article may be reproduced as long as it is attributed to:

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.


  1. I cannot find a link on your page to coonect to the Amazon store. I would also love to see a video f a woman using the exercise stick with the bands, etc. Do you have testimonials and before & after photos of customers? Please advise. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the input. The New-Humans Amazon Store is now open for business with a special, spring collection of spinach seeds...as well as every item carried by Amazon! The store banner is top right.